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To empower women and girls through access to community resources that will aid them in creating and sustaining an active lifestyle.

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May 2016

Research shows that girls tend to start dropping out of sports and skipping gym classes around the onset of puberty, a sharp declined not mirrored by adolescent boys.

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Strength in Movement

Our motto is “Empowered Girls Grow Into Empowered Women” and all our initiatives center around introducing girls and women to different elements of an active and healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to create community connections and collaborations that will support the maintenance of an active lifestyle and encourage a change perspective where bodies are appreciated for their abilities as opposed to their appearance.


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At the moment monetary and in-kind donations are needed for the Girls Empowerment Health Fair. Email Stephanie@empoweredthroughfitness.org for more information on how to contribute.


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Help us raise funds by moving your body through yoga and running!

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