Empowered Through Fitness
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The inspiration for Empowered Through Fitness came after Stephanie participated in a local 5K race and observed the female elite-field runners; they all looked strong and athletic! A few days later, Stephanie observed a group of high schoolers during P.E. class and noticed that several of the female students slowed down or stopped altogether during the run portion of the class.

On the one hand, Stephanie was in awe of the female runners she saw at the race, but, on the other hand, Stephanie was saddened to think that the high schoolers were perhaps not participating fully due to something like a lack of proper breast support. The question then became: what is the impact of a sports bra on a girl’s athletics and sports participation? Research has shown that lack of health knowledge and proper breast support DOES result in declines in athletics and sports participation for girls. Beyond this, what can be done to support athletic pursuits and to create a sense of overall empowerment in young girls and women through fitness? These are the questions that Empowered Through Fitness will try to answer through initiatives such as Girl Empowerment Fair.


The mission of Empowered Through Fitness is to provide tools and interventions for empowering women and girls through access to community resources that will aid them in creating and sustaining an active lifestyle.

Empowered Through Fitness is a 501(c)3 charity recognized by the IRS; EIN  82-4929044